The Readers and Writers Paradise Podcast Episode 11

by Daniel Johnston on February 28, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hi everyone, thanks so much for your support of Kid Writers Magazine Edition #2! It’s great to see the magazine getting into the hands of readers.

Today I’m releasing another episode of the podcast, which is something I know I haven’t done in awhile. My plan is to come out with a lot more in the future, so you can look forward to that. People have told me the podcast is their favorite thing about the site, and I enjoy doing it, too.

Download the podcast

Episode 11 is basically a discussion of different books that I’ve been reading lately. In the future it’ll be really cool to invite different people onto the podcast and have a discussion of books with them, so that’s something I plan on doing.

By the way, Erik and Felicia have been doing something called The Write Chat where they interview writers, and it’s really hilarious and well done. Both of them are published authors themselves, and they put all their humor into their episodes! So definitely check that out.

I hope you enjoy this episode and let me know what you think as well as of my comments about the books. I apologize for the background noise, I just ordered a new microphone so in the future that will be gone!

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