Interview with 13 Year Old Author Tate Linders! Podcast #12

by Daniel Johnston on April 6, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hi everyone, I’m really excited to present you with this interview today. It’s with Tate Linders, the author of Mystery on the Missing Ship, which she wrote when she was only just eleven years old!

Now she’s a published author (in the intro I mistakenly say she’s traditionally published; she is self-published, but had an editor and some people to help get her book out. That’s also not clear in the interview, so I wanted to make sure and explain that for you), working on her second book.

It all came when she read the Titanic Series by the writer who also happens to be my greatest inspiration, Gordon Korman! When she revealed this in the interview I was pretty floored, haha.

But after reading that she got inspired and decided to write a Titanic mystery/romance/crime/historical fiction all wrapped into about a hundred pages! She relates in the interview how she only wrote for a little bit of time each day for a year (personally I can’t understand how she could be that patient and not just do the whole thing at once, and a little amazed that she kept preserving like that for a whole year; it should be an example to all writers of what’s possible and what we can do).

Her book is on Kindle Unlimited for free, so check it out if you want. The romance is pretty heavy, and it’s also extremely fast-moving with tons of action. It’s a quick read, so again you can get it here on Amazon.

Here’s the interview where you can hear all the details of exactly what she did and what happened. I hope you’re inspired by Tate’s story like I am!

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