Hi everyone! Wonder why this blog has been kind of quiet lately? It’s because I’ve been devoting all my time to something amazing, something far beyond anything I’ve ever done before. It’s taken three months and hundreds of hours of work, and I’m proud to tell you today about the launch of Kid Writers Magazine!

I decided to start Kid Writers Magazine because I’ve been a kid writer for a very long time, as you guys know. There are truthfully not many opportunities for kid writers to be published, nor are there a great deal of ways for kid writers to get help and advice and improve their craft. Kid Writers Magazine is the only writing magazine managed by kids, for kids, and it is a great way for kid writers to get published.

Any kid from the ages of 6-12 can send in their stories to our magazine for publication. We will personally review all of them, and those that are good but that we can’t publish in the magazine will go on our website, kidwriters.org. I would have loved to have something like this when I was younger.

The first edition of the magazine is now launched-today! They are rolling off my printer as we speak, and we’ll be getting them out to you as soon as possible. In this first edition are almost 20,000 words of content-seven awesome stories, an interview with author Gordon Korman, writing tips, book reviews, and inspiration. It is chock full of fun and inspiration for kid writers. You can learn a lot more about our magazine and get sneak previews at our website.

Most of the contributors to the magazine are personal friends of mine or kids who have gotten in contact with me for the magazine. One kid in the magazine who you all know is Erik of thiskidreviewsbooks.com, who is writing a book review column. We have all worked very hard to put this magazine out and think it will greatly help all kid writers. I especially recommend it to parents of kid writers, teachers, and librarians. To be honest, it is a great magazine even for kids who aren’t necessarily writers, because any kid can appreciate the crazy stories inside!

So are you wondering how to get your hands on this super magazine? Good question :) You can purchase a print copy of the first issue of Kid Writers Magazine for $12.99, and an e-copy for $8.99. However, because I love you guys so much, I’m offering a special 20% discount only for readers of this blog for the next two weeks if you get a one year subscription! The magazine will be coming out six times a year, and a subscription costs $69.99, so you already save 11% per issue. An e-subscription costs $47.99. To get a 20% discount on a subscription, simply enter the code below writersparadise. Or you can choose to not get a subscription and simply order the first edition.

Either way, we hope you love our magazine! It’s a great tool for kid writers, and my hope is that it will become widely used and loved by kids, parents, teachers, librarians, and more everywhere!

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Kid Writers Webcast

by Daniel Johnston on December 9, 2014 · 0 comments

Hey everyone, you’ve probably heard about the launch of Kid Writers Magazine. Make sure to check it out because the special discount will be ending soon, and it’s an awesome magazine with stuff you definitely don’t want to miss!

I’ve also recently started Kid Writers Webcast, a weekly half hour show that will talk about various aspects of kid writing. Anyone can come live and ask their questions, too. The webcasts will be held every week at 4:30 pm EST.

I’ve already done a couple, so check out the replays (the first is an introduction and the second about why writing is important), and I hope to see you there in the future!


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